More info on when people on SSI will get their stimulus check

More info on when people on SSI will get their stimulus check

According to our previous posts about the economic impact payment, a number of people who are on Supplemental Security Income still haven’t received their stimulus payment. To better help our readers who still have questions, we have found additional information that might help alleviate their anxiety over the delivery of their stimulus payment.

If you’re on SSI and still haven’t received your stimulus payment, you’re supposed to receive it by mid-May. So hopefully, you should receive your payment by the end of this week at the time of this posting. The IRS is said to be putting these payments on your Direct Express cards. However, if you used the Non-Filers tool on the IRS’s Get My Payment page and provided the IRS with a bank account or opted for a paper check, you will receive your payment that way. We would imagine that the direct deposit to your bank account would also take place by mid-May but paper checks could take even longer. While lower-income families are supposed to get their paper checks sooner rather than later if they requested one, it could still be some time before a paper check is received.

If you have a Direct Express card, you’ll be allowed a one-time free ATM withdrawal to access your stimulus payment. This will be in addition to the free withdrawal you already receive. You can also sign up for text or email alerts at the Direct Express website to be alerted when you get your payment.

The IRS has also said that the Get My Payment website has been improved to help you get a better idea of where your payment is. If in the past you received the dreaded error message from the IRS website, you should now be able to get the status of your payment. If you still get the error message, try typing out your information in all caps as some have reported that it has helped them with getting their payment information.

The most reliable and up to date information should be found at the IRS’s Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments website.

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