Yes, Everyone Else is Doing It 

Social Responsibility

Have you ever given the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” much thought? As of late, this has been on my mind. As a father, I recognize the little things communities do to unite and assist with the upbringing of my child. While I would never entrust my child to a stranger, I do appreciate my community’s dedication to providing identification drives, healthy eating seminars, and theater in the park. It may not seem like much, and though it can be easily overlooked, this type of mentality is the embodiment of the now cliché term, social responsibility.

From major corporations to mom-and-pop stores, being socially responsible has become the newest “it” thing. But for the first time, in a long time, this mainstream ideal could accomplish something great.

One of the most socially responsible companies is many people’s morning addiction…Starbucks. Since their inception, Starbucks has advocated and implemented sustainable harvesting practices and free trade. Were you aware that your grande skinny vanilla latte was helping preserve the environment and enhance the quality of life in Central and South American countries? Likely not…and yet, here you are being socially responsible!

On the flip side, you have individuals who sneer and steer clear of franchises in favor of local restaurants and coffee shops. In most cases, this is equally as socially responsible…even if you didn’t realize it. There is a restaurant down the street from my home that regularly participates in fundraising efforts for the local school system. A few times a year, this restaurant donates between 10%-50% of that day or night’s revenue to fund marching band trips, forensic teams, and more. By doing nothing more than eating at that restaurant, on either a fundraising night or a regular night, one has been socially responsible.

Though this may seem like a greater undertaking for a local business, as opposed to a multi-national corporation, it is all relative and all beneficial.

The simplicity of it all is amazing. Care about your community? Your family? Your environment? Bring your business to those who feel the same way. Your support, regardless of how big or small, combined with the support of others is what makes the impact of socially responsible practices so great.

We at Geebo are proud to support every community we are a part of in both monetary donations and participation. While it does take a village to raise a child…it also takes a coffee shop to preserve the environment and your favorite diner to create educational opportunities.

Whether you decide to “Go Green” or “Buy Local,” I hope you are socially responsible for you, today.