A partnership with WeGoLook brings peace of mind to classifieds 

Geebo is becoming known as the online classifieds site that cares about the safety of its customers. We don’t allow personal ads, which are often used to solicit prostitution and engage in human trafficking. We don’t allow guns to be sold, nor do we permit drug transactions. And all ads on Geebo are reviewed before being published, a step that’s meant to keep suspicious activity off the site.

Now, we’re taking another step to further ensure that the online transactions that appear on Geebo are conducted safely. We’ve partnered with WeGoLook.com, an Oklahoma-based start-up that offers a service to physically inspect an item for sale and provide the buyer with a report that offers a true, independent evaluation of that item.

It’s a concept that’s a perfect fit for what Geebo is striving to create: a safe haven for online classifieds ads. The “lookers” who perform the inspections for WeGoLook are located across the country, ready to visit a seller and take a look at the “vintage” car, the “luxury” boat, the “slightly used” computer or “rare collectible” to truthsquad the description in the ad.

In any other scenario, a buyer seeking some reassurances about such a deal would either have to incur the expense of visiting the seller to inspect the item himself – a potentially costly approach – or find a friend who lives near the seller and is willing to check it out.

The WeGoLook service provides a remedy for a pain point in online transactions, trying to figure out if the product being sold on the other end is really what the seller says it is. Is “vintage” another word for “old and rusty,” when it comes to describing a car. And when it comes to the “luxury” boat, the buyer and seller might have different definitions of what “luxury” really means.

There’s a certain amount of trust that goes into conducting an online transaction with a stranger but, as we’ve seen in too many unfortunate incidents, the person on the other end isn’t always the most trustworthy. Geebo has worked hard to make the Internet a safer place and the partnership represents an important step toward making the online marketplace safer.

I’m excited about connecting Geebo customers with WeGoLook and hope that many of them find the service to be an invaluable tool that makes their online shopping experience that much better.