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    Use this subtle trick to spot the most clever of scam artists 

    Use this subtle trick to spot the most clever of scam artists

    So you finally found the hot ticket item that you’ve been searching for. Everything appears to be on the level so you get ready to call the seller then you notice something peculiar. Before their phone number they’ve typed a + symbol. Probably just a typo right? Don’t be so sure.

    In areas outside of the US the + symbol before a phone number usually indicates that you’ll be dialing what’s known as a country code. For example the US country code is +1 while the UK is +44. Since a great number of online scammers come from overseas they sometimes have a habit of putting the + symbol before US phone numbers even though we don’t use them here.

    Another less subtle way to notice an overseas scammer is if they ask you to contact them a messaging app. For example you may see an ad where the seller asks you to contact them through WhatsApp. Whatsapp is very popular overseas since a lot of countries don’t have cell phone plans that include unlimited texting so they use these apps instead.

    And as always one of the best tips in dealing with online transactions is to only deal locally and with cash.

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    Think that loan offer is a lifesaver? Think again. 

    Are online loan ads legit?

    So you find yourself desperately short on cash and some bills need to be paid or else. While perusing the internet you find an online ad promising a loan with a low fixed rate and implied promises that you’ll be approved for thousands of dollars. This has to be too good to be true right? You bet it is.

    Once again this is another overseas scam designed to separate you from what little money you may have and possibly more. What happens when you respond to one of these ads is that you’ll receive an email form to fill out asking for all sorts of personal information. Once you fill that out and send it back you’ll be told that there is a processing fee in order to expedite the loan. It’s usually an exorbitant amount and once you pay it you’ll never hear from them again. Now they have what little money you had left and possibly your personal information as well for identity theft purposes.

    Unfortunately if you are in debt there are no overnight solutions to your problem. Most debt counselors will tell you to make a budget and stick to it while not making any frivolous purchases. That may be of little comfort right now but in the long run with a little discipline you can come out on top.

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    Off topic Friday: 10-year-old gets $10K from Facebook for hacking Instagram 

    Off topic Friday: 10-year-old gets $10K from Facebook for hacking Instagram

    Apparently this kid knows his code.

    A 10-year-old boy from Finland has become the youngest person to receive payment from Facebook’s bug bounty program. The program rewards individuals who can find vulnerabilities in Facebook without causing malice. The young man, known only as Jani, was able to find a flaw in the Facebook-owned Instagram where he was able to delete anyone’s comments without having an Instagram account. Facebook set up a test account for him to alter and he was able to do so with ease. In turn Facebook rewarded the boy with $19,000 for ethically showing them the flaw in Instagram. They say this particular reward was higher than normal since the flaw could have affected everyone on the photo sharing network.

    What were you doing when you were 10? Were you this advanced? When this blogger was ten the closest he got to a computer was his Atari game console. Or were you more of a 90’s kid obsessed with Pokemon? Or were you already on your way, like Jani, to being a computer whiz?

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    Why you shouldn’t hire the first mover you see 

    Why you shouldn't hire the first mover you see

    Recently a family from the Atlanta area in Georgia lost most of their possessions after hiring some movers they found online. The movers showed up in a rental van and they never made it to the family’s new house. Instead they made off with the family’s possessions and it turned out the truck was stolen as well.

    In order to avoid a situation like this you should always use a licensed mover. Ask around to your family and friends for recommendations or use review websites like Yelp to see what experience others have had with local movers. Lastly, if you fins a mover you like check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they have had any complaints against them.

    This may seem like a laborious procedure but in the long run it’s worth it.

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    Don’t fall for fake customer support numbers 

    Don't fall for fake customer support numbers

    Having problems with your Facebook account? How about your GMail or Office 365? Surely giant corporations like Facebook, Google and Microsoft have customer service numbers that you can call. Actually, they don’t. Gone are the days when you could call just about any company up on the phone to try to get them to resolve your problem, especially tech companies. Behemoths like Facebook and Google have become such large global corporations offering free services that it is financially unfeasible for them to offer phone assistance. That hasn’t stopped some from trying to take advantage of that situation.

    If you were to go to your search engine of choice looking for these numbers you would definitely find some. However in many instances they are not legitimate numbers. Instead they are scam artists posing as these companies in order to take something valuable from you. They could be trying to access your GMail or Facebook accounts in order to steal personal information or they could be falsely charging you money to ‘fix’ whatever issue it is that you have.

    For the record, Geebo is very approachable and you can even Tweet at our CEO.

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    How to spot a scammer by their email address 

    How to spot a scammer by their email

    While no tip is guaranteed to be 100% accurate all the time here is a tip on how to spot a scammer by their email address.

    While scammers can use free email services like GMail or Yahoo a recent trend by overseas scammers is to use ‘off brand’ email addresses. A number of the addresses seem to have some kind of connection with the United Kingdom (UK) including proclaiming to be fans of a number of football teams (soccer) from the English Premier League. Another set of email addresses have various names of occupations or that they belong to some kind of car club.

    This is not to say that scammers won’t use free email services commonly used in the US. A good tip in that instance is to be wary addresses that seem to be a random string of characters rather than something that reflects a name. Also be wary of email addresses that have suffixes that indicate they’re from overseas such as .uk or .in for example.

    Again, no tip is guaranteed to be effective at all times but with a little bit of knowledge your online buying and selling experience can be a better one.

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    Finds of the Week: WW I compass and Force FX Lightsabers 

    Finds of the Week: WW I compass and Force FX Lightsabers

    If you’re into history and a fan of a long time ago, a seller in Greenacres, Washington, is offering a World War I era compass said to be in great condition.

    Finds of the Week: WW I compass and Force FX Lightsabers

    Now if you’re a fan of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a seller in Sandy, Utah is offering not one but three Force Fx Lightsabers from Star Wars including the Kylo Ren model. Channel your inner Jedi or Sith with these awesome collectibles.

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    Off Topic Friday: Ballot Box Selfies 


    Love’ em or hate ‘em selfies are here to stay. They are a way of expression that almost an entire generation of young adults uses. A lot of these young adults are now registered voters and want to show their civic pride by taking a selfie in the voting booth or by the ballot box. While a number of states do allow these selfies many still do not. For example New York does allow the practice while neighboring New Jersey does not.  Many laws enacted to prevent photography in the polling place were made in order to discourage voter fraud but those were written decades ago. Do they still apply in today’s ‘photograph everything’ society?

    Mobile video sharing app Snapchat says no. Recently they filed a 28-page friend of the court brief in New Hampshire asking the Granite State to repeal their photography ban claiming it is a First Amendment right.

    What do you think? Are ballot box or voting booth selfies a protected form of expression or is it trivializing the voting process? Please leave your response.

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    Why you need a good resume 


    At Geebo we see a number of resumes submitted every day by people looking for employment. Unfortunately we also see a lot of resumes that would discourage an employer from looking at them. Too many times we see resumes that are severely lacking information or don’t have any information at all so we’d like to help our users in crafting a good resume.

    Google docs has a number of resume templates that are free to use. If you’re fortunate enough to own a copy of Microsoft Word there are resume templates there as well. If Word is out of your price range there are also a number of free alternatives to Word that are just as good. Or if you can afford it there are resume services that you can enlist. However, if you’d prefer to write one from scratch this article can help you get started.

    Lastly the best tip that can be given for writing a resume is to a use a professional sounding e-mail address in your contact information. It’s best to use some combination of your first and last name, After all you don’t want a potential employer to discard your resume after just seeing the e-mail address. Now go get that job.

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    New online scam uses iTunes gift cards 


    Police in Upstate New York are telling people to be aware of a new scam taking place on some online classifieds sites. According to authorities scam artists posing as online sellers of a vehicle are asking people to pay with iTunes gift cards. The ‘sellers’ instruct the buyers to call a toll-free number where they are then told to read off the serial numbers from the backs of the cards. The buyer is then out of their money and no vehicle is ever delivered.

    While this scam may only be localized to Upstate New York presently, it could certainly occur in any municipality. Scams like this also tend to ‘go on the road’ so to speak. When a scam is discovered by police in one area it could then easily move on to another. That is unfortunately the way in the digital world of today. The scam artists don’t even have to be in this country.  In too many cases people who have been swindled are often times left with no recourse. In the majority of instances in online commerce it’s often best to deal locally and with cash.

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