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    Medicare, lost millionaires, and a loan scam 

    Medicare, lost millionaires, and a loan scam

    It’s time for us to bring you another trio of scams that are happening around the country. Even though these scams may not be in your area, they could be soon.

    In North Dakota, authorities there are warning of a Medicare scam that’s been plaguing senior residents of the state. Scammers are said to have been calling residents claiming that they need to be issued new plastic Medicare cards to replace the paper ones. All the resident needs to do is to verify their Medicare number. In reality, the scammers could potentially file numerous fraudulent medical claims using the victim’s Medicare number. Always keep in mind that a government agency will never ask you for information that they should already have.

    In one county in Kansas, the local sheriff is warning residents about a scam that sounds straight out of an old sitcom. Residents in Brown County have received letters in the mail saying that a relative has died and left them a life insurance payout worth millions of dollars. The problem with this scam is that scammers seemingly know the actual names of distant relatives of the residents who have recently passed away. This adds an unfortunate air of legitimacy to the scam. However, the legitimate-looking letter only provides an email contact for someone to process the ‘paperwork’. We imagine that there would be some form of payment requested to process the phony insurance policy.

    Officials in Georgia are warning residents there about a phone scam that’s offering loans in value up to $30,000. With this scam, the ‘loan’ comes at the cost of fake processing fees that could reach $1000 themselves. The scammers are asking for these payments in cashier’s check, wire transfer, or prepaid debit card. These are all forms of payment that could be considered untraceable once the money is spent. Officials would like to remind residents that legitimate lenders make their money through interest once the loan is paid back and not through outlandish fees.

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    Don’t take out a loan for that job! 

    Don't take out a loan for that job!

    While we’re far from the authority on online scams, we are surprised when we hear about one that we’ve never heard of before. Often these online scams are just variations of only a handful of scams such as the phony check scam. Not to mention that we thought we’ve heard of every job scam under the sun. However, even we were taken aback when we read about this job scam from Arizona.

    According to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, there was an employment scam going through their state in 2017. Two men were posting help wanted ads for phony clerical and administrative jobs. They would then tell the applicants that their credit score wasn’t good enough for the position but that they could improve their credit score by taking out a loan. The scammers would then request the money from the applicants claiming that they would pay the loans back for them but of course, never did. Thankfully, the Attorney General’s office was able to prosecute these scammers but we have to wonder if the victims’ credit ever recovered after these incidents.

    While there are some jobs in the financial sector that require you to have a good credit score, you should never have to pay anything to get a job. If a company offers you an immediate position do some research to make sure they are a legitimate employer. And as always, if the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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    Think that loan offer is a lifesaver? Think again. 

    Are online loan ads legit?

    So you find yourself desperately short on cash and some bills need to be paid or else. While perusing the internet you find an online ad promising a loan with a low fixed rate and implied promises that you’ll be approved for thousands of dollars. This has to be too good to be true right? You bet it is.

    Once again this is another overseas scam designed to separate you from what little money you may have and possibly more. What happens when you respond to one of these ads is that you’ll receive an email form to fill out asking for all sorts of personal information. Once you fill that out and send it back you’ll be told that there is a processing fee in order to expedite the loan. It’s usually an exorbitant amount and once you pay it you’ll never hear from them again. Now they have what little money you had left and possibly your personal information as well for identity theft purposes.

    Unfortunately if you are in debt there are no overnight solutions to your problem. Most debt counselors will tell you to make a budget and stick to it while not making any frivolous purchases. That may be of little comfort right now but in the long run with a little discipline you can come out on top.

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