Prospective parents need to watch out for adoption scams

Prospective parents need to watch out for adoption scams

By Greg Collier

Adoption is one of the greatest things in the world. It provides people with a loving home, a child who is in need of one. However, like most ways of bringing a child into the home, the adoption process can be prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, scammers know this and will try to take advantage of those looking to bring a new member of the family into their home. Adoption scams can not only be financially devastating to the family, but emotionally traumatic as well. Just imagine putting thousands of dollars into the adoption process over the course of months only to find out that the child you thought was going to be yours doesn’t even exist.

Sadly, this has happened to families looking to adopt a child. It happens more often to those families who announce on social media that they’re looking to adopt. This can bring scammers out of the woodwork, all claiming to be a woman who is pregnant and looking to have their child adopted. They’ll ask for money for various medical and personal expenses, while promising the victims a new addition to their family. This is especially true for international adoptions.

Adoption is a very emotional process and when we let our emotions get the better of us we don’t always think straight. This can lead prospective parents into making mistakes when it comes to finding a child. If you’re looking to adopt, you should hire an attorney who specializes in adoptions. When dealing with a birth parent directly, don’t feel bad for requesting all the proof that a baby is on the way. It’s also best to go through an adoption agency, as they’re reasonably good at weeding out scammers.

Hopefully, with these suggestions, you’ll be welcoming a new presence into your home sooner rather than later.