Microsoft fires shot across the bow at Apple with trade-in offer

Microsoft fires shot across the bow at Apple with trade in offer

Recently, Microsoft unveiled new models of their Surface line of devices and then threw down the gauntlet against rival company Apple. The folks from Redmond are offering $650 for you to trade in your MacBook for a new Surface device. This is a perfect time for Microsoft to strike with an offer like this. Not only has it been a very long time since Apple released any new MacBooks, but when Apple released the last MacPro, a lot of long time Apple users jumped ship to much more powerful Windows machines that could also be upgraded.

Of course, not every MacBook will be accepted for trade in. You can’t trade in a MacBook with a busted screen and a frayed charger. Microsoft has set the following rules for MacBooks that are eligible for trade ins…

Must be fully functional
Battery must hold charge and not be required to be plugged in to operate
Must not have any damaged, broken, or missing components
Cannot have been modified and warranty seal must be intact
Cannot be password protected
Must come with original chargers and accessories

You can trade in your old MacBook that meet the requirements at a Microsoft store or at but hurry, you only have until November 7th, or as they say, while supplies last.