Is this the world’s ‘coolest’ job?

Is this the world's 'coolest' job?

Geebo is always here to help you find a job, and don’t forget to include a complete resume, but a Finnish hotel has opening for what some are calling the world’s ‘coolest’ job.

The reason for the quotes around coolest is because the job takes place in the subzero of the Finnish countryside. However the job itself is also pretty cool in the other sense of the world as well. The hotel is made completely out of ice and the position requires you to work an 11:30 pm to 6:30 am outside for most of your shift. The official job description is Northern Lights spotter. Your duty will be to remain out in the cold on your shift and wait for the Aurora Borealis to present itself. It would then be your responsibility to inform the guests that the Northern Lights were in effect. You’ll have to find your own lodging however, but considering the hotel is made out of ice that may not be a bad idea.

Applications are being accepted up to the 11th so grab your passport and brush up on your Finnish and pack your warm clothes for this possible once in a lifetime experience.