Impressed by what you have seen here at Geebo? We hoped so! Geebo was
created to be more than just another “regional electronic classified”
site. Geebo is a community, created by people, for people and designed
to fill the void left by online classified ads. Geebo is neighbors helping

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Geebo, pronounced G-Bo, is unique in the world because it isn’t
constrained by venture capital funding. The Geebo business is modeled
after a traditional brick-and-mortar business, rather than the get-in,
get-out quick Internet model. “We are in this for the long haul, and our
strategy has always been, one community at a time–expanding as it makes
sense. That ideal still stands!” says Collier.

As an upstart web site based out of Sacramento, CA, Geebo was launched
as a place for people to buy and sell used items as well as post job announcements.
Beyond the online classifieds, however, Geebo created a sense of community
for all who visited through their clean design, open forums and genuine
interest in their visitors. People shared their experiences and knowledge,
asking questions, getting answers and being truly connected to others
in their area. Geebo succeeded in connecting individuals in a medium based
upon disconnection.

Geebo’s philosophy is that the advent of the global electronic community
shouldn’t mean the abandonment of the conventional community. It should
serve as an enhancement.

Geebo boasts multiple enhancements over their competition, but the two
most important is Geebo’s commitment to safety and privacy. Geebo visitors
are provided with a heightened degree of safety and privacy by Geebo’s
practice of manually monitoring every post intended for publication. You
look out for your neighbors. Geebo looks out for you.

Geebo went live in January of 2000 to an enthusiastic and positive response.
Since then, Geebo has expanded to include San Francisco, Los Angeles,
San Diego, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Austin,
Phoenix, Washington, DC, and Seattle. To date, Geebo has spread to over
120 communities nationwide.

Headquartered in McLean, VA, is comprised of a team of dedicated
and talented professionals who keep up the site’s edgy appearance and
visitor convenience under Collier’s direction. A special shout out goes
to the following people for their devotion, creativity, resourcefulness,
and patience! – Ruslan, Thomas, Kathleen, Amy, Zoli, Tara, Raleigh and
Carrie. Thank you!

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Geebo sincerely appreciates your support and looks forward to providing
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