Tis the Season…

tistheseasonThis is a chaotic time of year. Between work and familial obligations, life seems to speed by when the holidays are upon us. We move so fast from one activity to the next that the adventure in getting to the destination fades into the background with last year’s must-have gadget. Is this hustle and bustle the antithesis of the holiday season? I used to think it was but have changed my holiday-inspired tune as of late.

Starting in November and lasting until January 1st, I constantly hear people saying “tis the season.” They may be purchasing an extra expensive gift, ordering an extravagant dessert, or emptying their pockets into a collection jar when they spout off this holiday homonym. Such a sentiment used to bother me because it seems silly to only do or make over-the-top gestures once a year. Why not indulge in July? Or splurge in March? Why should a month and a holiday dictate when one chooses to treat themselves and their loved ones exceptionally special? The answer is easy…tis the season!

You are busy the whole year through but only between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day do we cram a multitude of family-oriented holidays requiring big meals, big spending, and big patience within a six week timeframe. A recitation of “tis the season” is the opportunity to acknowledge such an undertaking and appreciate the moment. The more “tis the season” moments we can have while prepping for the holidays, the better.

I know the whole “tis the season” comment can seem and sound very cliché when used in practice. The beauty of this mantra, however, is that it doesn’t require an oral admission, just a silent pause for reflection and understanding for the greatness you are experiencing. It can be anywhere, at any time, with anyone, and about anything.

The other great power of “tis the season” is that it can transcend religious and cultural barriers. If you think “tis the season” is about Jesus, it is. If you think “tis the season” is about the Maccabees, it is. And if you think “tis the season” is about togetherness and love, you are right too. Whatever season you feel like celebrating, “tis the season” fits.

My wish for you all is to have plenty of “tis the season” moments in the coming days and in the coming year.