Strength in Solidarity


As a classified site owner, the news of the Washington Post’s discontinuance of massage parlor ads came as wonderful news. A few weeks, Geebo, removed its personal ads section. From the inception we had applied a rigorous and thorough screening procedure to prevent postings that promoted illegal activities from appearing on our site. We never felt, however, that we had done enough.

Geebo, like the Post, is about community. A community looks out for its members. To ensure that we were providing our users with the type of safety, security, and privacy we would want for our own family and friends, we removed the personal ads completely. While we knew we were the first to make such a commitment, we trusted we would not be alone for long. And we were right.

Thank you, Washington Post for responding meaningfully to your readers concerns. Far too often both people and media listen without actually hearing, considering, or acting. When it comes down to people’s lives, safety, and security, inaction is the ultimate failure.

When it only takes one to make a difference, there truly is power in numbers.