How do you measure a year?

Rape? Murder? Child trafficking?

No? Well, you aren’t Craigslist.

Last year, a Massachusetts medical student was charged with murdering a masseuse he found via Craigslist and their “Erotic Services” section.  Craigers (Craig Newmark) and Bucky (Jim Buckmaster), the brains and braun behind Craigslist, re-named the category “Adult Services”, promised to monitor ALL postings, and considered this “PG” replacement satisfactory. 

Satisfactory to whom? Not the children being trafficked online, facilitated by Craigslist’s “Adult Services” section. Ernie Allen, President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, stated that “workers at the center have been able to identify some missing children-mostly young girls-by matching their photos with images posted on the site.”

Were the monitors on vacation? Did people ignore the warning screens and post illicit material anyways?

Those who have been murdered, raped, and stolen from have not been Craigslist’s “problem.” Defenseless children are, unfortunately, no different to Craig and Jim. This “dangerous duo” believes that they have fulfilled their legal obligation. It is obvious that they have not. Beyond legalities though, Newmark and Buckmaster have ignored their moral obligation to protect those who cannot protect themselves. This obligation transcends business…it is what makes people uniquely human.

In the wake of their substantial “Adult Services” revenue, Craigers and Bucky have opted for their own happy ending at the expense of others.

At Geebo, we measure a year in our growth, community outreach, and socially responsible imprint.

To each, their own, I suppose.