Get Inside My Head

Ever wondered how Geebo became socially responsible, culturally relevant, and developed the ability to facilitate you and your business? As Geebo’s man behind the mission, I provide these answers and more in an exclusive interview with Robert Scoble.

Back in March 2010 I had the opportunity to sit-down with Robert at his home in Half Moon Bay, CA, to discuss why Geebo is different than Craigslist. This interview took some serious guts from Scoble, being as he is from “the valley,” and good friends with Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark. I credit Robert for taking the time to get both sides of the story.

While the differences between Geebo and Craigslist are vast any many, I specifically discuss Geebo’s personal dedication to protecting, managing, and accommodating the diverse needs of our users with Scoble.

As the main attraction in the Scobleizer Channel’s “tech geek interview with business innovators”, I detail Geebo’s path, progression, and power as both a community connector and a classified site. During my interview with Scoble, I also covered the early days of the internet boom and the more recent developments regarding social networking, internet safety, and more.

Come get to know me by checking out my exclusive interview with Robert Scoble on the Scobleizer Channel.