One Lonely Island

Alienation Island

Craigslist truly has become an island unto themselves.

No stranger to the courtroom, Craigslist will face off against one of its very own investors, eBay, on December 7. Craigslist diluted eBay’s investment share to 25% by selling stock, in a move that eBay alleges was an unfair attempt by Craigslist to limit its power as an investor. Sounds like a recipe for an awkward holiday party…

In an attempt to be the victim, Craigslist cries foul on eBay by alleging their investment relationship was purely one focused on stealing confidential information so they could start a rival U.S. classified service. Craigslist seems to seriously believe that eBay has nothing better to do with their time or their money then play spy. Their ego may sink their island.

It is no surprise that Craigslist would stoop to such underhanded and arguably illegal tactics to alienate those closest to them under the guise of business security. Craigslist does the same thing to its users in refusing to provide them with protection against injury or fraud.

Forget prolonging the inevitable. With their recent accusations and wild conduct, Craigslist seems to be facilitating its demise into obscurity. It is safe to say I won’t be planning any vacations to their island anytime soon.