Craigslist lucks out again!

In light of the latest Craigslist ruling, I feel it is necessary to  assess and reflect on how business owners operate in today’s society. As a business, you have an obligation to protect your consumers and their interests. Such a concept does not evaporate into cyberspace. We hold our pharmaceutical companies to a standard that ensures medicines we take are safe. We require vehicles we drive to be equipped with safety devices to prevent harm to ourselves when things go wrong. Why shouldn’t we demand the same sort of safety precautions of the online businesses we deal with and communities we join? It shouldn’t have to be a demand, it should be a given. 

Craigslist’s inclination to rely on their luck instead of protect their users is apparent in their refusal to remove their Adult Service sections. Craigslist has continued on, in spite of the damage, harm and devastation their Adult Services has caused. Common sense is not a given when it comes to Craigslist. 

Craigslist may have gotten lucky, again, but their users, as seen on multiple occasions, have not been so lucky. How long can a company go on with such reckless disregard for those that keep them afloat?